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Spul Films

Established in 1992 by Tina Ulevik (Bachelor of Visual Arts;Graduate Diploma Communication-Media) & Janelle Speight (Bachelor of Visual Arts;Graduate Diploma Visual Arts) whilst Visual Arts students at Sydney College of the Arts,University of Sydney , Australia. With a background in photography,installation, drawing, & audio visual studies our interests expanded to the moving image with a focus on the experimental film genre. Collaborated as co-directors,writers, sound designers & editors on 'Internecine' and 'Subject to Change'.

Janelle is no longer working with Spul Films productions, but continues to create works with photography. Tina is currently operating at the helm of Spul Films.

Spul Films is currently based in Katoomba , in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

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Disciplined Productions

Established 1996-1997 by Tina Ulevik-Communication ( media arts & production) post graduate studies (1996-97) at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. First introduction to the beauty of 16mm film , and digital audio and a continued interest in experimental film productions .

Scott Barnes- Soft Industries a visual arts graduate of Sydney College of the Arts has been a frequent sound designer for Spul Films & Disciplined Productions, with an interest in psychoacoustics. Has a background also as a musician .Designed the sound for the soundtracks of 'Xenophobic Site' , 'Salute!' & 'Destiny'.

Peter Fagerlind a classically trained pianist originally from Sydney, has designed the soundtrack for 'Sachsenhausen', an excerpt for 'Xenophobic Site ' as well as appearing in the film. Currently based and working as a pianist & keyboard player in Sheffield, England. http://www.sophisticatedsounds.biz