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Filmography & Screenings

'"Sara Pain" (2007) digital video & video 8mm completed on DVD and mini DV; 5 mins, 11 secs. Experimental film/Music video for Kompleksi (Finland) Follows the story of an ill-fated character in the song by the Finnish underground electro act Kompleksi.

2008 Winter Magic Short Film Festival (Official Selection) Bowerbird Gallery, Katoomba, NSW, Australia, June 21
2008 21st Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival, Stuttgart, Germany, January 17-20 (Screening in the supprorting programme called 'An Omelette from Absuditan)
2007 'Sydney Shorts' TVS/Channel 31 Television, Sydney, Australia
2007 Part of Sydney Underground Film Festival 2007 contingent @ Verge Arts Festival, Manning Bar, University of Sydney, Australia
2007 Oulu Music Video Festival, Oulu, Finland
2007 'Disco_r.dance'/ Walter & Sabrina 'We Sing for the Future' Launch @The Foundry, London, UK
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"Xenophobic Site" (2006) digital video & super 8 film completed on dvd;5 mins 27 secs.
Filmed on location at the sites of two concentrationcamps in Germany, Xenophobic Site portrays a visually and sonically
experimental re-imagining of this dark part of history.

2008 Margaret River Shorts (International Short Film Festival), Margaret River, WA (Western Australia), Australia
2008-2007 Online Screening: www.hdfest.com/experimental
2007 Platforma Video 7, Athens, Greece, December 7-12
2007 'Sydney Shorts' TVS/Channel 31 Television, Sydney, Australia
2007 'Project'Film Night Another Roadside Attraction, London, UK
2006 Hell on Reels [Astoria Moving Picture Festival] New York, USA

"Internecine" (1992-96) super 8 film on video;5 mins A Spul Films Production.War is a perversion of the right to exist. An experimental antiwar film.

2003 Screen Me! Film Festival, Katoomba,Blue Mountains, Australia
1998 Edge of the World Film Festival,Hobart, Tasmania, Australia;
1997 Bathurst Film Festival, NSW, Australia-AWARDED Best Sound
1992 Matinaze-Australian & Japanese Video Art-Art Gallery of NSW,Sydney,Australia.
1992 Graduation exhibtion-Sydney College of the Arts, Balmain,NSW, Australia.

"Subject to Change" (1997) 16mm on video; 6 mins; A Spul Films Production 'Visual experimental record highlighting Sydney's rapid
change & face lifting-redevelopment versus preservation of culturally & historically significant sites.

1998 Local Eyes Film Festival, Enmore Theatre (Newtown Festival) NSW,Australia-AWARDED Best Film Open Section;
1998 Edge of the World Film Festival, Hobart,Tasmania, Australia. .
1998 Bathurst Film Festival, NSW, Australia
1998 Pumpkin Factory Film Night, Katoomba, NSW, Australia
1998 Channel 31 Television screening

"Salute!" (1996) 16mm on video;2&1/2 minutes; A Disciplined Production A soldier wanders around a desolate military site consumed by his subconscious thoughts.

1997 Golden Eye Awards-Nominated for best experimental film-University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
1997 Bathurst Film Festival, NSW, Australia
1997 'Walking the Street' Shopfront Screening (Newtown Festival), Sydney, Australia

"Sachsenhausen" (1995) super 8 film on video; 5 minutes Filmed in one take, documents the present existence of a concentration camp,
oustide of Berlin, Germany

1996 Matinaze-Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia

1996 Experimenta Media Arts Festival-Melbourne, Vic, Australia

"Destiny" (1994) super 8 film on video; 4 mins A solitary figure wanders around an uninhabited site.

1995 W.O.W Film Festival- Valhalla Cinema, Glebe,NSW, Australia.
1995 Exposure Film Festival-Chinatown Twin Cinemas-Brisbane,Qld,

"Desolate" (1991) video; 3 minutes The beauty of a desolate space is revealed--in reference to Gaston Bachelard's "The Poetics of Space"

1992 Matinaze- Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney ,Australia